PRATIC shelving

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Galvanised steel / Thickness 1,25mm / 8 x profiled for a higher loading capacity
Perforated every 25mm for the interlocking of beams
Upright width 35 mm
Standard heights: 2000, 2200, 2500, 3000, 3500 & 4000 mm


Galvanised steel / Thickness 1,25mm
Interlocked twice in each upright for a higher loading capacity and optimal bracing.
Interlockable in upright-perforations every 25mm.
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Loading capacity per pair of beams (uniformly distributed load).
The loading capacity of the pair of beams takes priority over the higher loading capacity of the composed shelf.
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Galvanised steel / Thickness 0,8mm.
3 x profiled lengthwise for a higher loading capacity
Standard length: 1000 (980)mm.
Other available lengths: 550 (350), 700(680), 850(830), 1150(1130), 1300(180)mm.
Depth: 100, 200 of 300mm, to compose any depth from 200 up to a 1000 mm

Loading capacity (uniformly distributed load) : for shelf length 1000(980)mm:

Depth 100mm: 100kg
Depth 200mm: 90kg
Depth 300mm: 90kg

Depth of a composed shelf: 500mm / Loading capacity of the pair of beams: 500mm = 410kg
Possible combinations:

A) 5 x 100mm: 410kg
B) 2 x 100mm + 1 x 300mm: 290kg
C) 1 x 200mm + 1 x 300mm: 180kg


1 cross brace or 4 straight braces are sufficient for 2 sections of single- or double sided rack in a standard configuration with a maximum height of 3000 mm.


Bases for uprights Front- and rearborders Doors
Lateral covers Labels Magnetic labels
Backboards Mobile shelving units  
Parts for walkways and platforms  
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